Sourceless Blockchain and Pluspunkt Energie — a strong and long-term partnership

A strong and long-term partnership.

This is how we can call this partnership between Sourceless Blockchain and Pluspunkt Energie.

Among the following posts and articles that we will add, we will present our partners, the Sourceless partners. This way you will find out more details, either direct or indirect, about the direction that Sourceless has and maintains, but also more information about our partners.

Pluspunkt Energie is the world’s most innovative green energy technology project.

PPE’s technological solutions combine DeFi with authentic products to increase the benefits and make the enormous potential of PPE and eQOM a practical application. Conversion of buildings to self-sufficient and CO2 neutral energy supply. Pluspunkt Energie can produce cheap, clean energy from waste. They can already convert up to 50,000 tons of waste into energy every year.

Our partners at Pluspunkt have top technologies that will revolutionize the world.

Among these technologies is MEGRAFORMA Z18, the most advanced insulation material in the construction industry. It is an insulation material made from waste. Breathable, non-combustible, weather-resistant, available in any color and entirely environmentally friendly, it is up to 10 times more efficient than conventional materials.

Another innovative technology, beneficial to humanity and very important, is the unique “Coating process”. Flat surfaces can be printed with a special paste and transform them into heating, cooling, lighting, darkening, power storage or a “solar panel”, and all without rare minerals.

We are honored to be able to collaborate with such technology partners, with a strong vision and a green direction, having a common goal, to transform humanity into a much better world, with abundance for all.

For more details about our partners from Pluspunkt Energie, you can access the websites below. They are preparing many updates and many other innovative technologies. More updates to come.

A big “Thank You!” from the Sourceless team.

Pluspunkt Energie: (info website)

eQOM Token: (in construction)



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