How SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is crushing Consortium Blockchain….

On the surface, it may sound identical, but this is not the case. Both federated and hybrid use a different approach and have their own unique feature. By knowing these features, you will be able to acquire and choose knowledge for your business or organization.

Blockchain Consortium

One group manages the consortium’s Blockchain. The group decides how the Blockchain will work. There is also limited access, and the group decides who gets the access first. The advantages of strict access are obvious. For example, limited access means faster transactions, high scalability, and better transaction confidentiality.

Sourceless Hybrid Blockchain

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is a combination of public and private entities. The best way to describe it is to use a public Blockchain in which a private network is hosted. This means that there is restricted participation that is controlled through the private Blockchain.

Technically, it works by generating blocks of hash data using the private network and then storing this data in public without compromising data confidentiality.

Unlike the federated Blockchain, the SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain offers flexible control over the Blockchain. This means that control over shared data is not ideal and is not better than that of a federated one. The best case for using SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is scalability and decentralization.

Multi-property Blockchain (multi-assets), cross-chained-multi-Blockchain, public (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar, etc.), and private (DLT) with support for adding (migrating or creating) tokens, trading through the integrated DEX and CEX.

SourceLess Blockchain Attributes:

The size of the Blockchain is extremely small, allowing the existence of nodes in only 1

MB of data through a modified version of zk-SNARKs [Zk-SNARK is an acronym meaning “ZeroKnowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”. A zk-SNARK is cryptographic evidence that allows a party to demonstrate that it has certain information without disclosing that information]).

Cross-Blockchain — transactions and data — allows reading-writing-authorization intra Blockchains.

Transactions in any Blockchain can be done with minimal cost, and with the help of the Ccoin Network ecosystem can be completely free of cost (whether we are talking about BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, or any other Blockchain — with their assets) if they are made by STR as fuel.

The number of transactions increases exponentially through the direct delegation of affiliated nodes, but also the hybridization of the Blockchain (SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain) as autonomous support in authorizing and confirming up to 100,000 transactions / second (TPS), comparable to VISA (24,000 transactions per second). second (fastest processor at the moment), and crypto-ecosystem (Ripple — with 15,000 transactions/second).

Governance — autonomous, democratic — through the vote of the owners.

GPT-3 (construction) & Formwelt (communication and integration) AI — embedded in ARES (SourceLess Blockchain programming language — governed by AI).

These will make implementation easy (as well as building websites or applications) even for those without IT skills.

WEB from scratch with address mapping (domain street), addresses that will be used in your ease of trading (simple name to remember and use) but also to guarantee identity (KYC & AML).

Shared hosting for all users — both individual and business owners.

Web environment in which users have hybridized p2p connection but also hosting with self-balancing (space efficiency used is 90%) compared to the current — 52% — resources are limited to 90%, having prepared in stand-by an instantly accessible need of 10%, but also provides the space lending of any member, this being directly rewarded with 90% of the value of the space; the remaining 10% is disposed in the Blockchain master account and covers the costs of hybrid spaces (owned by SourceLess INC).

Carbon-free, environmentally friendly and resource-preserving, by reducing the Blockchain itself and reducing the resources required.

Internal merchant — built — allows acceptance for payment by cryptocurrencies or other payment methods (FIAT — fiat currency) to any owner or user of Ccoin Network & SourceLess Blockchain.

The STR web considered as an application, called APPLess, made in SourceLess Blockchain will have the following attributes:

You can check the integrity of data without disclosing that data (high degree of security).

Check for the correct execution of resource-intensive calculations or in other cases of very low speed due to the limitation of miners and nodes that check and certify.

Significant scalability benefits, here you can apply DLT on Blockchain in a way with extremely high efficiency.

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SourceLess Blockchain is created as an all-in-one community blockchain. Offering security and control, free web for all and much more. Rea more on

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SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

SourceLess Blockchain is created as an all-in-one community blockchain. Offering security and control, free web for all and much more. Rea more on

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