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Whitepaper Update to v1.3.2

What’s new?

SourceLess Blockchain ISO 20022 Compliant

ISO 20022 is a globally accepted messaging standardization approach (methodology, process, repository) to be used by all financial standards initiatives as a common platform for the development of messages. It was introduced in 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization to help financial institutions streamline their communication infrastructure by using the same language for all financial communications.

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Pluspunkt Energie powered by SourceLess Blockchain

Green energy solutions for a safe future!

Use of modern and environmentally friendly technologies for CO2-neutral energy production. PPE’s technological solutions combine DeFi with real-world products to increase utility and turn the enormous potential of PPE and eQOM into a practical use case.


Innovative technologies to preserve our environment.

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SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

SourceLess Blockchain is created as an all-in-one community blockchain. Offering security and control, free web for all and much more. Rea more on