Here are some features of blockchain technology:

- Decentralization of blockchain technology. Thanks to it all information and personal data of users are not stored in one place. They are distributed around the world.

- Safety of blockchain technology. Due to the decentralization, all the information in the blockchain database cannot be hacked, replaced or used for fraudulent purposes. Every user has a private key to his wallet. Nobody besides users of has access to the private keys to the wallets.

- Accessibility of blockchain technology. Each interested user can enter information into the blockchain or check its availability.

- Transparency of blockchain technology. All records in blockchain technology can be checked.

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Internet Of Things (IOT)

The Internet of things — describes physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies, and that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.

With SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain, devices can be placed in a private network with access to those who only need them. Some aspects of the network can be made public depending on the data to be shared. A hybrid approach can solve many security issues.

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SourceLess is a Hybrid Blockchain, and its architecture is completely customizable. Members can decide who can participate in the Blockchain or what transactions are made public. This brings out the best in both worlds and ensures that a company can work with stakeholders in the best possible way.

Anyone can participate in the maintenance and governance of the blockchain. Participators are typically rewarded in the form of block rewards for their contributions to the network to incentivize good behavior on the part of network peers.

World Wide Blockchain

Be a part of SourceLess Blockchain!

Create an account on, and then fill out the form on the Testnet page

Pay attention to the registration details of the form:
- use the same BSC address that you use to register on
- your username must be the same username as your account ( or
And immediately after, we will contact you as soon as possible via email.

*wNFT is a Non-Fungible Token property in the SourceLess ecosystem, for any domain-type address that has the properties of an NFT but next to a web address.

SourceLess Inc.

At the moment, the Web uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP, and we connect from one computer to another via an IP. In the New Web that Sourceless will create, IPs will not exist. The communication channel will be the domain address and torrent-similar paths. Everything happens instantly, without the…

wNFT is a Non-Fungible Token property in the SourceLess ecosystem, for any domain-type address that has the properties of an NFT but next to a web address.

The private part of Sourceless Blockchain gives a restricted participation that is controlled through Blockchain wNFT inside a Node, but gives full community access to all members.

It also integrates many other technologies such as Codex from OpenAI, Formwelt into a wNFT to help every person who owns a str.Domain to acces them.

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

SourceLess Blockchain is created as an all-in-one community blockchain. Offering security and control, free web for all and much more. Rea more on

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